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sloggi GO Allround Spaghetti Top

10.900 Ft
Cikkszám: 1021774368021
78% Modall, 22% Elastane
Gyártó: Sloggi
Elérhetőség: Raktáron


An everyday essential, this GO Allround Spaghetti Top comes in one size that adapts to all body shapes. The 360° stretch MicroModal gives you that second skin feeling and pinch-free fit, whatever your shape. Super-breathable and soft, with a stylish square neckline, it's all-round perfection in every way. • Camisole top • Super-soft, 360° degree stretch MicroModal for total comfort and freedom of movement • Comfortable, pique under-bust band for perfect support • Second-skin feeling that adapts to all body shapes • No pinching, due to the innovative and ultra-flexible seam technology • High quality elastane for shape retention • Sloggi printed logo at back • One size, one fit - fits any size, from XS to L