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True Shape Sensation N01

11.199 Ft
Összetétele: 70% Polmid,1% Poliészter,29%Elasztán
Gyártó: Triumph
Szín: Stone


The True Shape Sensation Wireless Minimizer bra is truly innovative, thanks to its expert technology that offers the most wireless support for larger cup sizes. Expertly designed to accentuate the natural bust shape, it focuses on 360 degree comfort as multi-layers of fabric are bonded to intricately hold and support, while soft-to-the-touch fabric ensures enhanced breathability and movement. The True Shape Sensation Minimizer creates a visible smoothing effect and the additional features such as the cushioned straps with clean edges and wing detail offer a completely new and unique shapewear experience. Pair it with the matching briefs from the range to complete the look.


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